Only Success – Life Skills Orientation


As part of the academic activity to inculcate life skills,  Shrishti vidyashram organized a one day orientation programme on 07/07/2018 by only success for primary  teachers.

The programme was divided into two sessions from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm by Mr.Deepak and Mr. Aditya the resource person from only success.

Mrs. Immaculate Priya coordinator of primary school gave a brief introduction to the teachers about the days agend and its importance.

Mr. Aditya started the session by briefing about the day and his company.

Mr. Deepak continued with the session using the key word MIRACLE MAKER.

Teachers were divided into 3 groups based on their month of Birth.

The teams were given tasks to be completed.

Every teacher had a team leader,  team name and a cheer up word for their team.

Mr. Deepak briefed about speaking and listening skills,  using the whole brain methodology for teaching,  the importance of playing and neuro linguistics and how the brain works.

The session was taken over by Mr. Aditya who briefed about the importance of linguistics and how it influences the student and how teaching is experienced through the five senses.

He also explained about the internal dialogue in every individual and how to develop positive expectation which would result in positive results. He then briefed about the psychology of a child who uses his left brain and the one who uses the right brain and how to make them use both the brains.

The concept of virus words  that would affect the growth of a child was explained and those words were told to be replaced with positive words.




Problem – challenge

Try – I will do

I don’t know – I’ll find out / Why don’t we ask. So that students will have a positive impact on their abilities.

Teachers were informed to follow the techniques which would grab the attention of students while teaching.

The success principles like

Learning is Fun and exciting.

Its possible for me.

If I can’t then I must.

Anything is possible.

Were told to be taught  every day to the students.

Mr. Deepak stated that every child should be recognized In class with a positive attitude.

The method of conducting role play in classes were explained finally.

The session ended with the end note by  Mrs. Shirly,  she shared her experience about today’s session with her colleagues.

Feedback was received from the teachers who attended the session.

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