SpellBee Examination


The Spellbee examination is conducted annually in our school. This year it was quite an experience for all students. The Spellbee exam always has 4 rounds. It begins with the Interschool / Regional Level. Even though it was only the first round the preparatory book contained. So many things about the English language students didn’t know collocations inflect, root words. It was so interesting and then it became better with every round. It became more challenging. Next was the State Level. Those who scared high marks in the state level had to go to Pachaiyappa’s College in Chennai for the Tie Round. This was essentially to find out who scored the highest. It was elating to find out that most of the students were qualified for the national level. The national level examination was conducted at Lakshmi Garden School. And the next level was International Level. There was so much that they didn’t know about the language and it was cool to find out new things about it. As part of their preparation, they had to learn the meanings of 5000 words and their related forms. The exam was held in Pachayappa’s College. I can truly say that this experience has helped students to learn much more about English, That they can wait no more for next year to do it all again.

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