NSCEGD Held At Shrishti Vidyashram Senior Secondary School


NSCEGD Held At Shrishti Vidyashram Senior Secondary School
On Saturday, August 25, the National Students Conference on Economic Growth and Development of India 2018 was held at Shrishti Vidyashram Senior Secondary School, with 35 teams from 10 schools participating.
The seminar was presided over by the honorable collector of Vellore District Mr S A Raman. The guest speakers who gave the keynote addresses were Dr. V S Sambandan, the Chief Administrative Officer, The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy; Dr. K Jothi Sivagnanam, Professor and Head, Department of Economics, University of Madras, Mr. S Ramakrishna Sayee, former Principal at DAV BHEL school, Ranipet; Mr. Shankar Ganesh, Superintending Officer and SRO Head NSSO( FOD) SRO, Vellore; and Mrs. Radhika J Mohan, a post graduate teacher and the Academic advisor in Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyasham .
60 delegates from schools in Chennai, Vellore, and Ranipet participated. Mahindra World City, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Vidya Peetam Senior Secondary School, Vidhyalaksmi CBSE School, the PSBB Millenium School, VVNKM Senior Secondary School, PSBB senior Secondary School, Vedavali Vidyalaya, Geekay World School, and Kola Saraswati Vaishnav Senior Secondary School presented their papers on four given topics namely – ‘Education and Health care’, ‘Status of start-ups in India’, ‘Is India on the correct trajectory of economic routes?’ and ‘ Infrastructural development in the last 6½ decades of Indian economic planning’. All the teams gave eloquent and thought-provoking speeches, along with presentations to accompany the speeches with visual aids. Ruchira Radhe of Shrishti Vidyashram, whose paper was on ‘Status of Start-ups in India’ won first place, Gagan C and Krishna Pranav C P of Shrishti Vidyashram ,who also presented paper on the same topic, won second place and Guru Ganesh R S of Vidhyalakshmi CBSE School ,whose paper was on Education and Healthcare won third place. Gagan C grabbed the second place by highlighting his point that India’s failure to adopt enough of the large –scale labour intensive manufacturing, which has propelled the successful development of China and other East Asian countries, is now regarded as one of the greatest weakness of the Indian economy. India’s growth has been impressive in recent years but this is a country whose development in hampered by endemic structural problems. India requires significant investment in infrastructure, manufacturing and agriculture for the rapid growth rates of the last fifteen to twenty years to be sustained.
The prize winners were awarded with a cup and a certificate. All the delegates and the participants were given a memento and a certificate each.
Many esteemed guests also attended the conference, providing an insight to their thoughts and advice from their years of experience.
As the presentation by the students threw light on the growth and development limiters for India, the whole seminar was very informative and interesting for the students. Despite optimism for India’s prospects for economic growth and development, there are a number of obstacles which may yet see the growth and development falter. Poor infrastructure –notably in transport and power networks, low productivity and weak human capital. A high percentage of workers are low-skilled and work in small businesses. High inflation and persistent trade deficit ,low national savings of GDP, low share of capital investment relatively closed the economic growth of India. But India is a net importer of primary products.

Mr. Muralidaran, the Secretary of Makhija Foundation and Mr Shanmugam the treasurer were also present. Mr. Saravanan, the Head of Schools and Principal of Shrishti Vidyashram and Mr Muralidharan appreciated all the delegates for their enthusiasm in eagerness which is established in their power packed presentations with visual inputs complimenting their verbal output. Many new initiatives and ideas were put forward by the delegates, centered on the four topics. The program started with a prayer song and lamp lighting. The chief guest and the other dignitaries were formally introduced and welcomed the the Student Pupil Leader of Shrishti Vidyashram, Pranav Raaghav. Keynote addresses were given by the guests with respect to their specific fields. After lunch, provided at the conference, the delegates presented their speeches to the judges and the audience, who were respectfully soaking in as much information as possible. Hard copies of briefs of the delegates’ presentations and speeches were also submitted to each judge, so as to compare their performance to their reports. The delegates were graded on various parameters, with a possible perfect score being 200 points. The judges impartially and unwaveringly recorded each team’s pronunciation, facts, ideas and presentation throughout the entirety of the conference. Heavy rains began during the latter half of the conference, but the organisers took that as the loud applause for the delegates’ vibrant presentations. But they still managed to wrap the conference up in time, . Each speech that was presented by a delegate or team of delegates was visibly well researched, and interpreted as needed. The speeches provided new ground for the minds of the audience to walk on. The oratory skills of the delegates were also broadcasted, and the delegates speaking were too passionate to stick within the time limit, and many of them overextended their speeches for the sake of not sacrificing the integrity of their presentations. The speeches brought new thoughts into the minds of everyone present, judges and guests included, and made space for more great ideas to come and take shape on a national level. All things considered, the school and everyone who attended the conference could easily conclude that it was a great success.
The One day National Students Conference on Economic Growth and Development of India 2018 came to end with a National Anthem,
The school Shrishti Vidyashram Senior Secondary School hopes to repeat the event and make it an annual conference.

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