Shrishti School conducted a workshop on Mobile Photography on 29 June 2019 (Sat) from 9.00 a. to 4.00 p.m.  81 students from CBSE and 10 from Matric registered enthusiastically and took part eagerly. The two well known cinematographers with vast experience in Educational institutions and cinema field , Mr. R. Thayalan Ramalingam and Mr.Firoz Khan were the resource persons for the workshop.

Mr. R. Thayalan Ramalingam and Mr.Firoz Khan were extremely interactive which kindled the interest of the participants to imbibe all the techniques like focus methods, light adjustments, to set right angles and positions. The Students were divided into groups of 10 in each and sent out of the AV hall to click some beautiful locations in the school Campus. Each picture was seen by Mr. Feroz and Mr. R. Thayalan. Many were appreciated and few were shown how to improve.

This hands-on experiment of handling the Mobile cameras taught many techniques to all the participants.

The workshop was enriched with basic principles of photography and creative techniques that one can apply to their mobile camera device.

It was totally a photographic adventure! for all the students.

All the students thanked the resource people for spending a day with them and teaching them Mobile Photography in a friendly manner. They thanked the Principal Mr. M.S.Saravanan for organizing this interesting and adventurous Workshop!.

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