Whole intention of seminar was to give benefit to

Shrishti School conducted a seminar on Career Guidance on 6 July 2019 (Sat) from 9.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m.  Which was sponsored by Ratna Sagar.  The Resource Person for it was renowned guru in Career guidance and counseling Dr.P. R. Venkitaraman (PRV).  He has conducted nearly 4000 career seminars in India and abroad.  Dr.PRV is nominated as the National counselor by Educational Times and he answers 200 queries in a week. Dr PRV has developed a new aptitude testing tool called NDAT for School students.

  • Shrishti students and Parents to make right career choice for their child.
  • Students who are in confusion about what their aptitude is?
  • Students to know what career options they can leverage on for rewarding career ahead.

Full day Program was divided in two sessions. Morning Session from 9 a.m to 12.00 p.m was exclusively for X grade students and their Parents and XI grade students. Afternoon session from 1 p.m to 4 p.m was for XII grade students and their Parents.

Program started in a unique style of Dr.PRV by taking questions from students and parents and answering them in a friendly, humorous way by giving information on availability of various Career choices such as:

  • What all different entrance tests one can prepare.
  • Different courses for students who are best in Math & Physics, Chemistry & Biology, in commerce line with Math & Computer, Economics & Computer etc.
  • Different courses for students who are best in creativity, designing.
  • Several ways to enter Defense forces through NDA, CDSE, and AFCAT etc.
  • Various courses, names of institutes and its places which give courses in special subjects like metallurgy, quantum physics etc.

The seminar was very interactive and engaging. Students were enlightened to know various options of careers apart from Medicine or Engineering.

All the students thanked Dr.PRV for spending a day with them and guiding through various career options available in the market depending on one’s aptitude, skills and passion in a friendly manner. They thanked the Principal Mr. M.S.Saravanan and Shrishti Management for organizing this useful seminar as many of them are just on the verge of crossroad of their life to choose a right career Path!

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