Mandatory Public Disclosure

People at Shrishti


Shrishti is an ideal place for both the faculty and the students to grow without inhibitions. Life at Shrishti is a good and great experience and ‘Experience’ is the best teacher.


Parental Involvement is a very important factor in ensuring successful learning in the child. Parent Teacher meetings are held each term. Regular interaction with teachers is encouraged and Parents can meet teachers on specified days in the week ie on Tuesdays and Fridays. The parents are ever supportive, co-operative and encouraging.


We have a cohesive group of teachers drawn from different backgrounds, different states, different cultures, each contributing to the colorful mosaic of life in school. At one end we have enthusiastic young people who would like to make teaching a vocation; at the other end we have retired persons and those with 20 years teaching behind them, who bring to the school their expertise and a wealth of wisdom and experience. We also have a very dependable middle order who have
grown with the school.

Support Staff

The Non-teaching faculty constitute the office staff, the drivers and conductors for safely transporting children, the gardeners and the service staff who work behind the scenes to keep the environment beautiful and the
wheels of the school well-oiled and
smoothly running.